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Innovate Your Creativity

Advanced Audio Video Systems Design and Installation

JMD & Associates provides top-of-the-line design and installation of audio, video, and control in Phoenix, AZ and around the world. Our adeptness at production, entertainment systems and digital signage makes us the top choice in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Our team is composed of big names from the themed entertainment industry. We understand the importance of clarity in audio and video systems to communicate your message. Our unique A/V systems are meticulously designed for ease of use with the end-user in mind and equipped with the latest in proven technology.

Aside from offering production and entertainment systems integration, we provide an array of audio, video, lighting, control and systems design and installation services such as: sound masking, theatrical LED lighting and interactive touch screens.

JMD & Associates has produced topnotch museum exhibit designs time and time again. Our design build solutions constantly guarantee exhibit organizers an interactive state-of-the-art work that is definitely like no other. Aside from topnotch exhibit design and installation, our digital signage, lighting design, interactive kiosk, control and security systems have never failed our customers who are mostly comprised of museums, special event companies, houses of worship, theme parks, theaters, schools, shopping centers and restaurants in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Turnkey System Design and Installation

Our innovative design, comprehensive installation and dedicated service after the sale make JMD the clear and reliable choice to bring your vision to life. We boast an experienced and professional team in the field of audio/video integration that will provide complete consultation services for any project to assess your requirements. Contact JMD to discover truly affordable turnkey solutions.